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As an artist, Neltje was often known for making grandiose, large scale abstract paintings. However, the selection of artworks in Broken Spaces presents an array of smaller gestural works and collage compositions made by Neltje. This body of work was the primary focus of Neltje’s creative practice in the latter stages of her life.

Gesture painting and collage were two modes of creative expression that Neltje consistently returned to throughout her life as an artist. A few of Neltje’s early collages selected for this exhibition show the continuity in Neltje’s collage making, with respect to both conceptual and visual aspects.

Neltje’s collage works were built out of bits and pieces of found materials; she showcased fragments that she would collect throughout her daily life. Many small articles that would typically be deemed as ‘junk’ were interpreted as elements that could be joined together in an artistic visual composition. Neltje played with angles, shape, color, and texture, and would build upon a visual aesthetic from one collage to the next.

Much can be said not only of the objects Neltje chose to collect, but also in the way she interpreted these objects and their pairings with each other. Throughout Broken Spaces, the collages tell anecdotes of stories in Neltje’s life, her travels, feelings, and her experiences. Many of the pieces highlight images of women, and the relationship to creativity that Neltje felt as a woman. Other themes and ideas are present throughout the work, such as self-acceptance, solitude, distance, and interpersonal connections with others made through objects.

Alongside collage making, Neltje began experimenting with a new medium in her work by creating gestural drawings with handmade oil sticks over the top of pieces of canvas prepared with watercolors. Throughout her work, Neltje developed distinct, expressive, movements and gestures. These new pieces integrated mark making techniques reminiscent of the gestural approach seen in her earlier and larger work and also served as vehicles for new explorations of color and texture.





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